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What is NetPatrol and where do I get it?
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 11 September 2003 05:10 PM
NetPatrol is an advanced network monitoring system. It monitors your internal network and/or your network connections for suspicious network activity.

With network-capable viruses on the rise, and antivirus companies constantly playing catch-up, the monitoring of network activity for suspicious network behaviour has become an excellent way to get early warning of virus infections - before the antivirus companies even know about the virus, let alone make a download available for you to clean it.
Normally by the time fixes are available for a virus it is far too late for many people. By looking for signature network activity instead, you can get immediate warning and take measures to protect your LAN. As an example, viruses that spread by email may all have different signatures for antivirus file scanners, but they all have the same signature when it comes to sending mail - they all need to use the same network protocols - SMTP and DNS MX record lookups - these are highly suspicious activities for any machine except your company mail server. Read more about NetPatrol on the NetPatrol website - click to go there
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