How To: Move WinGate to a new server
Posted by Matt Parker on 17 January 2019 11:40 AM


There are various reasons to move WinGate to a new server. Moving WinGate is a straight-forward process that involves installing the same version on the new computer, exporting and importing the WinGate configuration and moving the license. It is important to run the same version of WinGate on both machines to make importing the configuration as easy as possible. Sometimes that can require you to update the original WinGate installation to the same version before exporting the configuration, or installing the old version on the new computer, importing the configuration and then updating to the latest version.

A WinGate license can only be activated on one machine at any time, so activating a 30 day free trial allows you to configure and test the new server before deactivating the license off the original server and moving it to the new server.



Check the version of the existing server and install the same version on the new server

Export the configuration from the existing server and import it into the new server

Move the license




Check the version and install WinGate

  1. Check the version by clicking the Qbik icon in the upper left of the console and choosing About WinGate Administrator
  2. Check the \WinGate\Update to see if the installation file is listed there, if so copy to the new server and run the installation file. If not there, download from or contact support for an archived version
  3. Install WinGate on thew new machine

Export and import the configuration

  1. Open the Configuration utility in \WinGate\Utilities
  2. Export the configuration
  3. Copy the wingate.config file to the new server
  4. Open the Configuration utility in \WinGate\Utilities
  5. Import the configuration

Move the license

  1. Deactivate the license from the original server by navigating to Control Panel::Licensing in the WinGate console, right click the license and choose "Copy key to clipboard", then right click and choose "Deactivate"
  2. Activate the license on the new server by navigating to Control Panel::Licensing in the WinGate console. Choose Add license from the tasks panel and paste in the license key


Additional Tasks:

Test connectivity to the new server. If the new server will have a different IP address than the old server, you may need to update the proxy server IP address in the browser settings on the LAN clients. Update any wpad.dat file locations in the DHCP server and any GPOs that reference the server location.


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