Trial licenses
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 01 August 2007 08:50 PM
WinGate Trial Licenses are the equivalent of a WinGate 6.x Enterprise 250+ concurrent users license. Trial licenses will last for 30 days and can be extended if requested.

Activating a Trial License:
Trial Licenses can be requested from the License Manager application. The License Manager application is located via the GateKeepers Help menu.

Deactivating a Trial License:
A trial licenses will expire 30 days after it was first requested. Deactivating the Trial license will not pause the trial.

Request an extension to a Trial License:
For the Qbik team to extend your trial license you will need to provide them with either the license key, an email activation request or the trial id:

Trial License Key:
- Navigate to GateKeeper --> Options menu --> Advanced
- Select the “License Key” check box.
- In the Configuration report above that check box scroll down to section 2 and copy the key.

Email Activation Request:
- Navigate to GateKeeper --> Help Menu --> License Manager
- Click the “Add New” button.
- Select “Activate using email” then click Next.
- Select which product from the drop down list then click Next
- Copy the email activation request data and send it to – alternatively you can use the “Email to Qbik” link.

Trial ID.
- Navigate to GateKeeper --> Help Menu --> License Manager
- Select your trial license and then the pane below will show your Trial ID.
- If you cannot see your trial license then click the “Add New” button and go through the online wizard – the trial id will be returned in the event of the activation already being expired.
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