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Troubleshooting basic WinGate Functionality
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 30 January 2004 06:04 PM
When checking to see if WinGate is functioning as it should, there are several factors to check to ensure that everything is correctly configured. These checks should be done once basic network connectivity has been established between the client and WinGate machine, and Internet connectivity has been established between the WinGate PC and the ISP(Internet Service Provider).

On the WinGate Server:
  1. Open Gatekeeper.
  2. Check that all System services are shown and enabled in the System tab of GateKeeper.
  3. Check to see there are no port conflicts on any of the Proxy services. This will be indicated by the appearance of a red circle with a white X beside the particular service. These will appear this way in GateKeeper if there is another application or service running on the machine that is using the same port (Such as a Webserver running on port 80 or FTP server running on port 21).
  4. Check that all System and Proxy Services have the appropriate interfaces bound to each service so that client machines can communicate with theses services. For more information on understanding Bindings and Interfaces click here.
  5. Check that users/groups have appropriate connection rights and that they are conforming to appropriate policies that may have been set.
On the Client Machine

If using NAT:
  • Does the client have the correct network details IP address, Gateway and DNS of the internal IP address of the WinGate Server. (It is common to use the Ipconfig utility to find these details)
WinGate Internet Client (WGIC)
  1. Open the WGIC from either control panel or from the start menu/WinGate Internet Client entry.
  2. Select the General tab and make sure both options are checked.
  3. Open the WinGate Server tab, and check to see that the WGIC has discovered the location of the WinGate server. The server and its IP address should be in the window. If this is not the case then click the refresh button.
    If it still does not appear then check the client and server machines network details and make sure they are configured as per the WinGate helpfile, reconfirm that you have basic network connectivity to the WinGate server. Check also that the Generic discovery Protocol and Winsock Redirection services are enabled running, and correctly configured in Gatekeeper on the WinGate server.
  4. If the server appears under this tab and there is still problems connecting the client open the Application tab.
  5. If there are any browser/email applications listed then remove them all and click the Advanced tab.
  6. Here click the Reset Client button. This will refresh any Winsock connection and applications that are used on the machine.

If the WGIC client is using IE for a browser:
If you access the connections tab you should set the connection to “never dial a connection” and check the “use Lan settings” configuration. You should make sure that there are no details entered under this option and ensure the “Use proxy” option is not selected.
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