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How To: Log in to the WinGate console for the first time
Posted by Matt Parker on 04 December 2018 12:08 PM


After installation of WinGate is complete and a license has been activated, a user database provider must be selected. Choices available are the WinGate user database provider, the Windows user database provider, and if a trial, Professional or Enterprise license was activated, the Active Directory user database provider. If the WinGate user database provider is selected the Administrator user does not yet have a password.


Log in to the WinGate console as Administrator with the appropriate credentials


  1. Select a user database provider from the available options
  2. Enter the Administrator credentials for the user database provider selected 
    • WinGate user database provider - Administrator/no password (see fig.1 below)
    • Windows user database provider - Local machine administrator credentials
    • Active Directory user database provider - Domain administrator credentials

 Choose use another account

(figure 1)


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