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WPAD - Web Proxy Auto Detection
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 24 January 2007 07:59 PM

Most web browsers allow the user to specify whether the proxy settings will be:
  • Automatically Detected
  • Configured via a Script
  • Manually Specified

In Internet Explorer this can be configured in the following location:
Internet Explorer --> Tools menu --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings.

*Please note, all are selected in image for the sake of clarity, usually you would have one selected.

With regards to Automatically Detect Settings:

Internet Explorer will make a DNS request to WPAD. If WinGate is the DNS Server it will return its internal network card address. If WinGate is not the DNS Server then it will need to be added to the third party DNS server that the LAN Clients have specified. Then Internet Explorer will request the WPAD.PAC file from the IP address returned by the WPAD DNS record.

With regards to "Use automatic configuration script":

It needs to be specified in the following format.

Additional notes:

  • Using "Automatically Detect Settings" can give inconsistent results with different Internet Explorer versions; contact Microsoft if you believe there is an issue.
  • The WPAD files are automatically created if they do not exist. They are located within C:\Progam File\WinGate\Resources and can be edited.
  • When creating a WPAD file we suggest turning off caching of the WPAD file on the LAN Client as per the Microsoft Knowledge base article below. Caching the WPAD file may result in any changes to the WPAD file taking 30 minutes to become evident.
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