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Reading the Log Files
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 28 December 2005 04:18 PM

WinGate’s log files are located in C:\Program Files\WinGate\Logs and are ordered by service, for example you'll find the WWW proxy service log in C:\Program Files\WinGate\Logs\WWW Proxy Service.

The current log file is named after the service, any older log files that have been rolled over are named for the date that they were rolled over.

The data in the log files follows a fairly standard format, for example we've used a snippet from the WWW proxy service log:

12/20/05 14:12:49 Guest 0000000003 Requested:
12/20/05 14:12:49 Guest 0000000003 Traffic 14515 469 409 14509 0s

The columns are as follows:

Date 12/20/05
Time 14:12:49
IP Address
Username Guest
Session number 0000000003
Event Traffic
Bytes sent to client 14515
Bytes received from client 469
Bytes sent for client 409
Bytes received for client 14509
Duration of session 0s

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