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Configuring LAN clients to make a WGIC connection
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 14 September 2005 01:54 PM
Before installing the WinGate Internet Client(WGIC), you should setup the WinGate server and make sure that the Winsock Redirection Service is enabled and running on the WinGate server before you begin installing the WGIC. You should also check that the machines that the WGIC is to be installed on meet the minimum requirements. The requirements for installing the WGIC are as follows:
  • Running Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 or XP
  • The computer is NOT running the WinGate server
  • If running Windows 95 then WinSock 2 must be installed
The WGIC Installer

Once your computer satisfies these basic requirements, you can install the WGIC:

  1. Run the installer program on your client computer. Wingate.exe (This is the same installer you used for the WinGate server) or WGIC.msi (Client installer found in the WinGate\Client directory on the WinGate Server machine)
  2. The installer should detect the WinGate server on the network and default to the client install. If it does not you can select to install the WinGate Internet Client manually.
The WinGate Internet Client Installer doesnt require any settings during the installation process and so installs with little user intervention. Once the installation is complete there should be no requirement to restart the client machine. Like the WinGate engine, the WinGate Internet Client runs as a Windows Service. This means that it will always run in the background, whether you are logged in or not. You can run the WGIC applet for further configuration from the Windows Control Panel (click Start/Settings/Control Panel).

Configuring Applications to Use the WGIC:

Once the installer has finished, your applications will connect to the Internet with no further configuration (the Winsock Redirection Service must be running on the WinGate server). The WGIC will seamlessly provide all outgoing and incoming access to and from the Internet. If you were using proxies before you installed the WGIC then you should remove any old proxy settings because your applications should be configured to connect directly to the Internet (rather than through proxies). If you do not remove these settings, your applications will still work but they will be using the WinGate proxies, not the WGIC.

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