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Using a Domain Controller User Database - Version 6 and later
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 30 May 2005 03:23 PM

With WinGate version 6 the option to use a Domain Controller user database was presented in the GUI which greatly simplifies its use. Using a Domain Controller user database allows you to import your list of Domain users into WinGate. You can also use NTLM authentication which allows users to authenticate using their NT login information. To use a Domain Controller user database:

  1. On the Users tab in GateKeeper double click Database options
  2. Check the option Use the Operating system user database
  3. If your Domain Controller is not the machine that WinGate is installed on you will need to tell WinGate where to find the user database. Select the option Use remote user database and enter the path to the server
  4. Select your synchronisation options
  5. When you're ready to import the user database click the button Synchronise now

    User database

    Please Note: For Active Directory Domain Controllers

    When using an Active Directory Domain Controller for a database there is one futher step required for this work correctly:

    1. Open the Computer Management MMC (found in Administrative tools in Windows) and open the Services and Applications configuration that lists all Services.
    2. Select the Qbik WinGate Engine service.
    3. Right click on this service and select Properties.
    4. Select the Log On tab.
    5. Where it says Log on as, select the This Account option and browse the Active directory for a suitable account with Domain Adminstration equivilent privilages. (It is recommended that administrators create a special account in Active Directory Users and Computers for this purpose.)
    6. Stop and then Restart the WinGate engine for the changes to affect.
    7. Re-synchronise the database from the User database configuration found under the Users tab in GateKeeper.
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