Distributing WinGate Internet Client in an Active Directory Environment
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 03 February 2005 12:25 PM

The new WinGate Internet Client installer allows for it to be distributed and installed across an Active Directory.

Wrapped with the MSI installer The WinGate Internet Client can now take advantage of the benefits of centralized and controlled deployment across the network.

These instructions merely touch on the configuration and applications of Group Policy that are possible in the Active Directory. Administrators usually use Group Policy to specify options for managed configurations for groups of computers and users.

Depending on AD requirements the Group policy can be tailored for specific areas of the domain and will vary depending on requirements.

Obviously for specific instructions on setting Group Policies, creating group policy objects etc you will need to refer to the appropriate Microsoft Documentation.

Setting a Group policy basic distribution of the WinGate Internet Client:

  1. Place the WGIC.msi to a location on the server that will be distributing the WGIC. (In line with Active Directory procedures this location must be an accessible network share.)
  2. Open the Active Directory Users and Groups.mmc
  3. Right click on the Active Directory listed at the top of the left hand panel and select properties.
  4. Depending on Administrative requirements you can either add the software configuration to the default Group Policy (recommended) or create a new Group policy object.
  5. This will open a Group Policy editor mmc.

To set the distribution policy:

  1. Select Computer Configuration and double click on the Software folder.
  2. Under this highlight blue Software install icon and right click, selecting New > Package.
  3. A browse dialog will appear to allow you to locate the location of the WGIC.msi. Select the WGIC.msi installer from the appropriate location.
  4. A dialog asking how the software should be deployed will be presented. Due to the nature and purpose of the WinGate Internet Client application you should select Assigned.
  5. The Software Package should now be listed in the right hand pane of the Group Policy editor.

    If you double click on the new listing it will present you with various Operating System configuration options available.

    With the current WinGate Internet Client there should be no further configuration required (switches, installation options etc).

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