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Backing up WinGate
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 26 January 2005 10:31 AM
All configuration changes(policies, user accounts, service mappings configurations, plugin configurations etc.) created/changed and then saved in Gatekeeper are written to the registry.

The best way to preserve your settings is by exporting the registry file. If you ever make a change that you later regret, or if WinGate needs to be reinstalled for any reason you can simply import the registry file and all of your settings will be retained.

To export the registry file:

If you can log in to GateKeeper-


  • go to the options>advanced menu or START>> Programs >> WinGate >> WinGate advanced options >> Registry
  • click the button Save Registry Settings
  • save the registry file somewhere safe.

    Save Registry Settings

    If you cannot log in to GateKeeper-

  • open the registry editor
  • find the following key
  • go to the Registry menu and select export registry file save it somewhere safe.

    Importing WinGate settings
    Note. If you are importing to a 64bit OS then you need to follow the instructions here.
    • Stop the WinGate Engine (either from the WinGate icon in the systray or from the Stop WinGate engine in Start menu/Programs/WinGate).
    • Open the registry editor (Start menu/Run/regedit).
    • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Qbik Software.
    • Delete or rename the registry key called "WinGate".
    • Close the registry editor.
    • Double click on the saved WinGate registry file.
    • Start the WinGate engine ( either from the WinGate icon in the systray or Stop WinGate engine in Start menu/Programs/WinGate).

    Please Note: Any configuration changes made in GateKeeper prior importing the registry file will be overwritten by the corresponding settings in the imported Reg file.

    If you have any questions about this article please contact Qbik Support.


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