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Adding a network card with WinGate installed
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 19 May 2004 10:46 AM
Changing a network card when WinGate is installed on the PC is usually a straight forward process that shouldn’t require any major alterations to WinGate itself.

However,there are several points to note in when dealing with network card installations and WinGate.

  1. Install the Network card per manufacturers instructions making sure you use the most current official drivers.
  2. Once the computer has restarted after the installation, if you open GateKeeper WinGate will probably flash a system message stating that even though a new interface has been detected it cannot be bound to as there are no IP address details.( The following Point 3 will be the step taken to rectify this.
  3. Once the card is configured with approriate IP address details, the WinGate engine should be stopped and restarted for WinGate to redetect the interface and determine the appropriate bindings to services etc.
  4. Open GateKeeper and check the Bindings tab to see that the card has been bound to the correct services (as per the WinGate help file).
  5. To check the new adapters status in WinGate, open the Network tab in GateKeeper. At the bottom is the Network Interfaces pane which displays the current status of available network adapters.(Double clicking on a specific interface will bring up its policy configuration.)
Please Note:

For LAN based cards
(Network cards that will be used to connect WinGate to the rest of the LAN.)
  • This interface should be assigned with a static private class IP address (such as, or
    If used, WinGates DHCP service will then assign addresses to clients in the same range as the private class address that was assigned to the new network card.

    Or alternatively:

  • In the case of Active Directory or similar scenarios where the interface will receive the details from a DHCP server on the network, then the card properties should be left blank (set to "obtain IP details automatically") If this is the case the WinGate DHCP service should also be disabled
For External Internet Connection based cards
(Network cards assigned with Public Ip addresses)
  • WinGate will recognise the difference between private class addressed and Public class addressed network interfaces and automatically bind them to appropriate services etc. To understand more on how WinGate treats Network Interfaces and Private versus Public IP addresses click here.
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