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Restricting client access to Specific URL's and Sites
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 30 January 2004 05:55 PM
This article deals with how you can restrict access by clients to certain URL'S when they are connecting through WinGate. Because URL's are somewhat complex in what they can contain, WinGate provides policies to block specific sites and ban access to sites that have specific phrases in their URL's.
To do this:
  1. Open Gatekeeper on the WinGate server.
  2. Select the WWW Proxy Server from the Service tab.
  3. Open the Policies tab.
  4. Underneathe the Recipient/Rights window in the middle of the dialog, make sure that the Default Rights (System Policies) are set to “Are Ignored”, then click on the Add button below this.
    The new dialog “Properties of new recipient” will appear.
  5. Open the Recipient tab and select the Users/groups to whom this will apply.
  6. Open the Advanced tab and select the Specify which requests this recipient has rights for radio button then click on the Add filter button below this (which will now be highlighted).
    A Filter 1-icon will appear in this window.
  7. With this highlighted, click the Add criterion button.
To block specific sites:
  1. On the criterion dialog that has appeared select, This criterion IS NOT met if radio button.
  2. From the first dropdown menu select HTTP URL
  3. From the Second drop down menu select CONTAINS
  4. In the last test box input the words or phrases that might be in the URL that you would like to block (e.g. sex, or a phrase like etc)
  5. Continue adding criterion for each URL word or phrase to what you wish to restrict access.
  6. Click OK back through each dialog until you have exited the WWW Proxy Server.
  7. Save changes in GateKeeper.

Now this policy has been set, whenever an affected user attempts to access a URL containing this word or phrase, access will be denied.

Please Note: The words or phrases entered in the last box of the filter are entered as strings, and WinGate reads them as such.

For example if the phrase “” is entered in the criterion then the site would be blocked if the URL was, BUT it would not block the site if the URL was, as “” is a different string then “”)

This is why using simple words in each filter can be very effective because if the word “money” was used in the criterion then both sites will be blocked as the string “money” appears in both URLS.

PureSight for WinGate is a plug-in that allows you to control user access to sites that contain undesirable content. To find out more about the PureSight plug-in please visit our web site.

If you have any questions about this article please contact Qbik Support.
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Comments (2)
Jim Marx
28 December 2010 08:36 AM
How do you set up policies to block all sites except a select few? I need to do this on multiple terminal servers and do it by windows group membership. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Qbik NZ
25 March 2011 11:33 AM
For that you should create a 'white list' of allowed sites as per the following article:,2