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Setting an alternative Email Password
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 30 January 2004 05:53 PM
All accounts in WinGate will use a User and corresponding password, which is stored in either the WinGate or NT user database (to read about User Database options and configuration in WinGate click here.)

However it may be required to have an alternative password for the user in regards to the authenticating and access of email services.

To set an alternative Email password for a User do the following:
  1. Open GateKeeper on the WinGate server.
  2. Select the User tab.
  3. Double click on the user in question.
  4. Select the Email tab
  5. Make sure the check box and current addresses information are correct at the top of this configuration.
  6. Make sure the Override WinGate password for POP3 is checked.
  7. Enter the correct Pop3 Password in the box.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Save changes in GateKeeper.
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