Authentication with WinGate Internet Client
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 30 January 2004 04:08 PM
The WinGate Internet Client (WGIC) applet provides a unique method of connection used by WinGate clients to access the Internet. With the applet installed on each client machine, all WinSock applications that clients are running can be intercepted redirected and controlled through WinGate. Having users connect using the WGIC allows for administrators to force the users to authenticate, before allowing them to access the Internet regardless the application they are using.

To use the WGIC for client authentication :
  1. Ensure the WGIC is installed on the client machines.
  2. Open GateKeeper on the WinGate Server.
  3. Open the Winsock Redirector Service under the System tab.
  4. Open the policies tab.
  5. Underneathe the window in the middle of the dialog make sure that the Default Rights (System Policies) are set to Are Ignored, then click on the Add button below. The new dialog Properties of new recipient will appear.
  6. Select the Everyone radio button.
  7. Select User must be authenticated radio button below the window.
  8. Click OK back through each dialog.
  9. Save changes in GateKeeper.
Users will be then shown a logon box to authenticate themselves anytime they try to use an application that attempts to connect to the Internet.
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