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Application Servers running behind WinGate
Posted by Adrien de Croy (Import) on 30 January 2004 03:42 PM
When Application servers such as Web and FTP servers are setup to run on a machine behind WinGate the procedures to make them run seamlessly with WinGate are very similar to running them on the WinGate server itself, although there are notable differences.

To find out about configuring Application Servers to run on the same machine that WinGate is running on click here.

There are several ways to configure WinGate to allow access by Internet users to Application servers that are running behind WinGate.

This example uses an FTP server scenario:
  1. Open GateKeeper on the WinGate Server.
  2. Open the FTP Proxy Server under the Services tab.
  3. Select the Bindings tab.
  4. Select the Allow connections coming in on any interface radio button.
  5. With the FTP Proxy Server config still open select the Non-proxy Requests tab.
  6. Select the Pipe requests through to predetermined server radio button. Here you should enter the IP address of the computer, which the FTP server is running on behind WinGate, to which all FTP requests from the Internet will be directed.
  7. Enter the port the FTP server has been configured to listen on.
  8. Select OK as you exit out of the FTP proxy service
  9. Save changes in GateKeeper.
Using WinGate Extended Networking service
  1. Open GateKeeper on the WinGate server
  2. Open Extended Network Services under the System tab.
  3. Select the Port Security tab.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. On the port configuration dialog select Connections from the Internet and TCP as the protocol.
  6. Enter Port 21 or designated FTP port (as required) on the FTP server.
  7. Select the Redirect packet to this IP address option, specifying the IP address of the machine running the FTP server. In this scenario if the FTP server is listening on a different port such as 2121 the Override port option should be used.
  8. Click OK to exit the Extended Networking Services.
  9. Save changes in GateKeeper.
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